Health coaching and recovery

Health coaching and recovery

I am a certified nutrition and stress management coach, crisis consultant and lifelong vegan, currently pursuing an MBA in psychology.

At health coaching sessions, I share vital knowledge and offer the most progressive and effective techniques to achieve your most desired results.

I help my clients unlearn counterproductive default behaviours and start approaching the most important processes in their life – thinking, nutrition and relaxation – from the perspective of wisdom and awareness supported by a strong base of knowledge.

As a part of my life philosophy and understanding of health, I only work with vegans, vegetarians and people willing to go plant-based – of all levels, genders and ages – offering them full guidance and support along the way.

I can help you improve your lifestyle, nutrition and health habits; reduce stress and anxiety, feel and look better, have more energy, and:

  • Establish healthy sleeping rituals and develop a healthy relationship with food;
  • Create an eco / zero waste / zero plastic lifestyle;
  • Improve your body composition (less fat, more muscles) or lose weight;
  • Create customized meal plans aligned with your goals, which are easy to follow;
  • Become vegan in a safe way;
  • Stop emotional eating;
  • etc.

I can also accompany you grocery shopping in Zürich or online.

Purchase my Nutrition Guide and begin to change your life today.

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