Hello, my name is mischa

“I am a transformational coach based in Zürich, Switzerland | an eco-conscious vegan, slow traveler, and minimalist, who embraces a lifestyle that aligns with their values | an enthusiast of the beauty of imperfection through the lens of Wabi-sabi philosophy and aesthetics.

My purpose is to empower individuals by challenging their default beliefs, expanding their minds, and equipping them with essential knowledge and skills. Through this process, I guide them toward achieving their desired quality of life. My mission is to help my clients thrive – whatever they do, wherever they live.

I operate through the following principles:

  • Authenticity. This involves three essential components: a solid grasp of theory, extensive practice with real clients, and personal embodiment of the principles I teach. In simpler terms, before teaching others, I embody the principles I intend to impart. Throughout my studies, I’ve consistently supplemented theoretical knowledge with practical experience, working closely with real clients and myself. This approach has enabled me to master the skills I employ today.
  • An Evidence-based approach, which involves integrating rigorous scientific knowledge and expertise with real-life experience, allowing me to work directly with individuals rather than relying solely on research averages. By prioritizing methods that yield tangible outcomes over mere suppositions, I ensure practical effectiveness.
  • Deep Health. This approach involves integrating all six dimensions of health, recognizing their interconnectedness. By viewing individuals as integral and inseparable beings, we promote overall thriving and coherence in thoughts, feelings, actions, and results.
  • Privacy. I work within a strong ethical code and keep your data fully confidential.

My services are available in EnglishSpanish, or ChineseGerman and Russian are coming soon.

My personal creed revolves around continuous growth, honesty, and the pursuit of balance and harmony across all aspects of life. I have nurtured a passion for all forms of knowledge since early childhood, and have engaged in extensive studies across various fields to cultivate a more comprehensive understanding of both the world and myself.

Among my earliest and most profound passions was language. I pursued this ardently, culminating in the attainment of a Ph.D. in linguistics. Along the way, I developed personalized programs for rapid language acquisition, enabling learners to reach a C1 proficiency level within a single year. Additionally, I authored a student book for Chinese language learners.

My second passion was photography and aesthetics. Over the course of five years, I worked as a micro-influencer (30,000 followers). Today, I continue to derive joy from crafting harmonious Instagram feeds for both brands and individuals. Additionally, I am in the process of re-establishing my online presence within the realms of eco-blogging, veganism, slow living, mindful travel, and deep health.

My third passion lies in psychiatry and promoting a healthy life. Currently, I am engaged in an MBA program with a focus on clinical psychology after completing several years of certified programs.

Ph.D. – Theoretical and Applied (Comparative) Linguistics
M.A. – Oriental Asia (Cultures and Languages)
B.A. – International Relations
MBA – TV Presenting
Foundation – Theoretical Physics, Mathematics and Programming

Crisis Psychological Consulting (300 hours of practical experience on a city helpline)
Life Coaching
Nutrition Coaching
Sleep, Recovery and Stress Management Coaching
The Psychology of Change
Creative Writing
Contemporary and Opera Singing
Music Composition
Trinity College Certification

Non-accredited training:
Modern Psychosomatics
Therapy for Narcissistic Personality Disorder

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